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Volcano room entrance!

Ok the New Volcano Room Entrance that i recently posted about,is offcially under construction!If you go to the dojo it should look like this:

Awsome New Entrance Theory
Ok so i was looking around club penguin and something Popped into my mind. Yeah,if you go to clubpenguin’s login page it should say this.

It says a secret room! Maybe the Volcano Room is the new room.
I was the first one to post this so please give me credit!
Yeah,pretty cool huh?
-Zerosk8der Club Penguin Cheats Owner

Volcano Entrance

Ok i got my hand on the best swf picture you will get. I got an awsome swf picture of the new volcano entrance. Awsome right? So i don’t really have to explain how awsome it is,so lets get to the picture!

So awsome!
-Zerosk8der Club Penguin Cheats Owner

New Card-Jistu Game Sneak Peak

Remember in September when we showed you that sketch of a mysterious new place? Back then we hinted that something BIG was coming.
Well I can tell you now that it’s getting closer – and I managed to find you this image that might add some fuel to the fire:

Not too much longer! Hey, have you built an Amulet yet? It might come in handy really soon…
-Zerosk8der Club Penguin Cheats Owner

Happy77 Asks A Card-Jistu Expert!

The Dojo Courtyard is the happening spot on the island right now! (The Goldsmithing outfit is quite fabulous – it’s a blast to hang out there and use the tools.) Since lots of you are at the Dojo and you’ll probably be playing Card-Jitsu when you take a break from building Amulets, I thought it’d be cool to talk to someone who considers themselves an expert.

Q. Tell us your greatest Card-Jitsu moment.
A. Well my absolute favorite moment was helping a group of penguins train for their black belt. It took 20 matches, 2 hours, and 1 extra large pizza with hot sauce, but it was worth it!
Q. What does it take to beat Sensei?
A. It takes good advice from your ninja buddies – also practice.
Q. I don’t have a black belt yet (I want one – they remind me of licorice). What’s your fave part of being a black-belt ninja?
A. The best thing about being a black belt ninja is the thrill of defeating – or even being defeated by – a worthy opponent. Putting out that last card and waiting…

It’d be sweet to have everybody’s greatest Card-Jitsu moments in the comments. Have fun building Amulets!

-Zerosk8der ClubPenguin Cheats Owner

Ninja Shadow’s Back?

The mysterious Club Penguin ninja shadows around cp have been sitted once again! Awsome right! Or is it. Why are they back? Why did they leave? My guess is that the sensei needed them to help him make the aumlets!

Is my theory correct? Tell me your theory in a comment!
-Zerosk8der Club Penguin Cheats Owner

Club Penguin Aumlet Arrived!

The clubpenguin halloween had ended!:(But you no that aumlet a while back?Well its here. You can’t buy it yet but you will be able to in atleast a week. If you go to the Dojo Courtyard it should look like this:

But theirs also a member item you can pick up! Follow these cheats for the item:
1.Go to the Dojo Courtyard
2.Go to the Ninja Lair
3.Go to the matrial arts book
4.And the first page should have it!

To use the item take off everything and dance!
-Zerosk8der ClubPenguin Cheats Owner